• Advocacy



    Pro-Business, Pro-Community

    The Westside Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that our government is aware of the needs of West Los Angeles business owners and residents. The WLACC takes an active role in researching and communicating about the issues that directly affect our members, such as the ill-fated Olympic West Pico East Initiative, the extension of the Metro Purple Line and Exposition Transit Corridor, bike lanes, the Minimum Wage increase and even the continuation of the California Iran Contracting Act of 2010. The West LA Chamber has established strong relationships with local, state and national government representatives, law enforcement and appointed officials to make sure they are aware of their constituents’ feelings about the issues.

    Your Voice Amplified Here

    Your voice is amplified through the West LA Chamber. The Chamber hosts many events that feature talks by local, state, and national governmental representatives and officials. All of these events feature question and answer sessions that allow our members to voice their concerns directly with the representatives and officials. Members of the government understand that every opinion expressed or concern raised at one of our meetings represents thousands, if not tens of thousands of similar opinions and concerns.

    The WLACC also surveys our members on the issues and sends the results of these surveys to the appropriate representatives as well as publishing them in the media. The end-result is that your political leaders hear your concerns loud and clear, and can never claim ignorance of the opinions of their constituents and stakeholders.

    You can play an active role in improving the West Los Angeles business environment by attending our events and letting your voice be heard. If you are truly passionate about the issues, you can participate in or even lead a Political Action Committee (PAC) through the chamber. If you are interested in playing a more active role in political issues through the chamber, click here.