• West LA Chamber of Commerce's Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to support and promote the growth and success of businesses in the West LA Community. We are dedicated to providing our members with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy, while fostering a sense of community and collaboration among local businesses.  Through our work, we aim to create a thriving and prosperous business environment that benefits our members, their employees, and the broader community. 

    WLACC Values

    We are committed to:

    • Member focus
    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Education
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Diversity

    Core Areas of Focus

    • Create an environment that promotes business, thereby strengthening the community.
    • Achieve high levels of member satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Continually improve the Chamber’s financial position.
    • Advocate policies that support the West Los Angeles Business Community.
    • Operate the Chamber with excellence, innovation, and efficiency in accordance with our values.

    Purpose of the Board and Directors

    The purpose of the Board and Directors is to govern and set policies for the Chamber by making decisions representing the members. Additionally, they will provide direction, support, and provide any necessary resources to carry out the Chamber’s Strategic Business Plan.

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